{Daniel John Rossi Z-A}

Curent Director of The Center For True Self 2000-Prestent  

Pronouns: They Them & Their

Daniel comes with years experiences from his own lived in experience, expertise, and education.

As Daniel says “I have lived a colorful life, yet not as black and blue, but all the colors of the rainbow these days”.

Daniel has lived across our great country The USA and has 16 additional states to still live in. “I’ve been around the block only a few times .”

Daniel is a mother of a four legged furry kiddo or mistress                     Millie who is THE CAT .

Daniel uses many of their life experiences and education to aid those that are being served. 

Daniel has taken part of The Center For True Self  being part workig with indelas, groups, private, government, schools and nonprofits entities around the city of Austin and the across the nation. 

Daniel participates in sharing their life story, Peer support work, facilitating groups, coaching, consulting, training, advisory committees, holding a seat on numerus boards, advocacy, updating polices, auditing programs, translating, panelist and other speaking gigs.

Daniel holds space for greatness and has demonstrated the ability to show up, take action, and utilize his passion for aiding others.

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