Q. What kind of side effects are there?

A. Unfortunately with all things there are side effects many of our's tend to be beneficial such as: less stress, less anxiety, better to cope with situations, better follow in life, more productivity, better health, more equipped for surprises, deal with situations, self, understanding, reality, getting to the root of things, true body, understanding limitations, understanding potential, organization, body flow, boundaries & a few others.


 Q. How is this work taught?

 A. Our work encompasses many techniques that date back before time and others following through to the most latest cutting edge techniques. to maximize your progression. We offer inperson, over the phone, online  and web 


Q. Are the classes up to date?

A. We are always in search of and researching techniques to bring the most productive experience to all our clients, students and trainees!


Q. What if I am pregnant?

A. Many case this work can benefit you and your baby


What if I am on medication can I participate?

A. Medication and drugs vary. Please ask the instructor to provide a scan to see if this work can be achieved. We are not hear to tell you what medication or drugs to be on that is not our job.


Q. What about the other schools?

A. Some of the school we have had the great opportunity to work with do great work but unfortunately many fall into the soulmind game - bring them in - use them - make them go bye bye. We're here to aid you through your learning. Many of our clients, students and trainees we teach do not what to go so we are confident that there learning was worth our time.


Q. Can I reserve or skip classes or training if I have already taken classes or training?

A. I use the example of well, we'll call her Mary. Mary took classes in chakra work and she was a little reluctant at first but flowed through at the end. She understood that some minor words changed so much for her and was very, very thankful she did but each case is individually looked at and we start with an interview.


Q. Is The Center For True Self accredited?

A. As of right now but we are working towards this mile stone.


Q. Are there any scholarships or grant or loans for The Center For True Self?

A. We do have a very few grants and scholarship for those that qualify. Currently we have not partnered with any loan company check in with your bank or credit union. We do have work study once in a while so contact us to find what is reasonably available


Q. Can I receive tax rebates?

A. In many cases the tax level many drop, check with CPA or tax preparer


Q. What if I need to cancel?

A. All cancellations we ask to be made within at least a 72 HR prior notice.


Q. If I cancel will I be refunded?

A. Many case yes, minus all transaction fees as long as you have provided the proper paper work in a timely matter


Q. What happens if I miss a session?

A. Failure to cancel 72 HRs prior is known as a no show.


Q. What if I am early or late?

A. We have a 15 min window before and after. The before window is 15 min to insure the individual's privacy After 15 minutes you are a no show and we go by our clock.


Q. What are strikes?

A. In an effort to keep things running smooth we have a 3 strike you're out policy like baseball so don't push it you may be ask to leave.


Q. Can I get more than one strike at a time?

A. Yes. Unfortunately we have a few cases were the behavior and attitude was too much


Q. What if I feel that I have unfairly received a strike?

A. You may ask for a review of the strike or strikes but understand you will pay for the HR wage to review your case.


Q. Can a strike be removed from my record?

A. You may ask for a review of the strike or strikes but understand you will be pay for HR wage to review your case.


Q. If I stop taking classes or training can I return at that place later?

A. Well, there are many things that need to be reviewed first. First thing, an interview is needed once more and we will take it from there.


Q. What is a waiting list appointment?

A. From time to time we have a waiting list but we are willing to secure you an appointment just in case it takes longer than the last date we have secured for you. If we do have an opening we will let you know.


Q. Do you help the police out to save lives or find missing kids?

A. Daniel the present manager did when in New Orleans and had a very bad experience so he stopped. It is body darning. This in many times is to get approval or to show off. We choose to pass unless asked by law enforcement under very select circumstances.


Q. In a consultation can I find out about my girlfriend/boyfriend?

A. No we do not do psychic intervention work of this kind and we promote open communication.


Q. Does the work have a belief in a higher power?

A. No, our work is focused on self. We do work on getting to the truth not beliefs. Many of our techniques are based in science and have been proven time and time again as very helpful.


Q. What is the catch?

A. The catch is what you learn you can not forget!


Q. What is HWC?

A. Human Wiring Connections


Q. How do I find out what the Tax is?

A. Tax is already part of the price


Q. Will me and my partner be able to take classes together?

A.  We have found many couples become distracted and miss so much of our classes but we do have workshop for couples from time to time.


Q. I am 15 year old I really want to take your classes!!! Can I take your classes?

A. Anyone can take part but first we need forms filed out.  Just have your parent or guardian fill it out additional foam and  then return it to us.


Q. Can I just take some of the trainings?

A. We can provide those sessions but one must have a strong prior knowledge in the basic work.


Q. What's with the colors?

A. The colors are in reference to, from the darkness comes the light (that's the black and white)and the blue is just a cool color.


Q. Why should I choose The Center For True Self and not some other classes or training provided?

A. There are those who just cover up the truth to make you buy their garbage, We will never do that. Our work is not self damaging. We have found many that offer great workshops, lectures, classes and training but there are many more that provide more damage than good. Good luck with your decision and be good to you , you deserve it.