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This work is to help those willing to help themselves, willing to learn to find their natural flow and to be their True Self (wiring) and to let go of others’ charges.

In the early 1990's Carl Hollenbach-Quint, while living in New Orleans teaching psychic ethics and providing psychic consultations, noticed patterns with people.

After doing much research, he discovered the Human Wiring Connection. This part is our True Self. Unfortunately, also finding blockages and charges prevented letting go to occur of the charges and to be able to be yourself (or wiring). Due to this, Quint's research working with previous techniques and reconfiguring others, he found a way through to true self.

By the mid 1990's Quint began to incorporate his research into his sessions.

Around 1997 Quint felt the slight shift, he got it loud and clear that the human species could be their true self for the first time.

In 1997 Daniel J Rossi asked the right question! Prior to this Daniel consulted and taught meditation classes. By Daniel asking that question that's when Daniel was ready and that's when Quint was available to teach Daniel.

{When the student is ready the teacher will appear.}

1999 Daniel moved on to further research what he had learned.

In 1999 The Center For True Self was born in New Orleans, LA.

By late 1999 Daniel was disappointed that so many people missed this shift! After recieving approval Daniel began to teach others this work.

We were all looking for something new in 2000, what Quint discovered many missed. It all really began to happen 3 years from then and continues to happen today. The shift !!!

In late 2000 Daniel recieved the approval to carry the name of The Center for True Self.

In 2005 The Center For True Self became The Center For True Self, LLC.

Late 2005 Quint passed on electing Daniel John Rossi as Manager of The Center For True Self, LLC.

In 2006 Daniel restructured The Center For True Self LLC to accomodate the evolving times.

In 2006 the launch of the improved web site was launched.

2007 Daniel has announced plans to be more active working nationally as well as, internationally with the work.

2008 Exploring the last frontier

2009 The deeper look at the labelings and medication of Mental Illness as it impairs or interrupts HWC in our world and possibly to aids

2010 Working with others with disablities with WHC Work and researching effects

2011 Researching and working with others, with a mirage of WHC techniques and the wellness model.

2012 Aiding others, research and development of spreading insight sessions to others

2013 Daniel and the team are continuing to explain how the WHC can aid, heal and recover individuals with mental health challenges to live a full life.

2014 Working with those in mental Heath

2015 Updating Classes

2016 Leader ship training work shops now aveable

2017 moving more to working online

2018 Provideing event training

2019 Training and develment for community enriching Projects 

2020 Updating Website / online classes

Daniel continues to research, work with others and fill his duties as Manager of The Center For True Self, LLC and delves into other odd jobs. "Variety is the spice of life," says Daniel.


On behalf of the team at The Center For True Self LLC, we thank you for taking the time to find out about us.