I am at ah . . . .

You Have Changed my life for ever

What does he do? Daniel Rossi does something magical, therefore undefinable. But the bottom line is all that matters to me, and the bottom line is this- when I feel the urge to give up, when I am instantly and hopelessly at the end of my rope, I call Daniel. He is my lifeline to sanity in an insane world. In person or on the phone, he gives himself over to my needs, and I find myself able to tackle whatever it was that brought me to my knees a few hours or days before. I don't know when I will need Daniel again, but I know this- I am paying my monthly dues for the privilege of calling him when I need him.It gives me incredible strength to know he is there for me.

 Daniel, all I can say is you were spot on,so much so it was scary . This is for all the skeptics,   before leaving south beach to visit my family Daniel made it a point to set up an initial   consultaion. Daniel informed me of something that I was about to endure and although it   would be difficult that I was strong enough to endure it. I had never informed him nor anyone   else of my judicial situation, nor did I have any plans to take care of them on this particular   visit home. Daniel in formed me that it would be necesssary for me to take care of these   matters to truly be able to find my true self and continue on with my new life, wiser, stronger clean and sober. He is   professional, experienced and honest. I strongly recommend anyone to meet w/ Mr. Rossi and see for them self. Be   prepared to handle the TRUTH! thank you Daniel.

 Daniel WOW !!!

 "Why won't you tell me which underwear to wear, my psychic tells me? "Heather, I am here to Help and Aid, NOT get you addicted." - Daniel

Thank you ! ! ! You are so right ! ! !

Daniel you really need to come to India and help my people!!

I have worked many year in the square but never thought it was real. NOW I BELIEVE IT IS !!! THANK YOU ! ! !

I have been giving reading for years but your really good!

I never knew you were this good.

Who Told YOU about that?

You really have a gift!

This is unfair Dan,I am getting more out of this then you are charging! It is way worth more!!!

Your classes were worth more than all the money in the world!!!

Right on man !!! Thanks !!!

You're Good !


Hope that ppl find what they truly want. I did! thanks!

That's what he Said!

Bad As#!

How did you know ?

You are a gift from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the blue tea pot - thank you, it helped me !

you are a sweet heart

Daniel: some days!

You're right. I know. I will...

I have been going to readers for years, none have been as good as you!

Dear Buddha Daniel.
You truly have been enlightening and your teachings have helped me so much as well others. Thank you !!!

How did you do that ?

You Lied To Me!   Daniel: NO! YOU Did not listen to me. I said "xxx xx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx."  Ya, Your Right I did not Listen.

God D#m it Boy Your Goood !


I recently had the honor to be guided and instructed by Daniel J. Rossi. I know that I am a work in progress and the way I feel know as compared as to the way I felt before is just the beginning. With Daniel's guidance and assistance I feel so much more clearer and focused. I am much more calm. I have had issues with bipolar disorder since I was in high school and this is the first time since then that I actually feel like I am making progress towards becoming a healthy human being. Dissonance is slowly fading away and being replaced by the natural, healthy and vibrant  person that I knew was there but could not reach. I look forward to working more with Daniel and learning about the real person that I am. I would like to give updates on my progress on his site with his permission. Thank you Daniel  for you help and may God Bless.

You're a wise one Daniel.

You are Always right!!


Daniel was very nice, informative and warm. He made sure I knew I was not alone. He gave me a journal to write in. That really helped me at times. It kept me from going nuts.

Daniel - a great buddy!

No matter how busy Daniel was, I could not have made it without him. He is the person that was always there. I felt I could express myself and he was a comfort to me.

Daniel, was phenomenal he was my “Life Guard”.

Excellent. Daniel you were especially great.

Daniel’s meditation was the best I’ve ever had and he needs to do it more often.

You were what got me through and I will never forget you and all you did for me. Zen master Daniel

Daniel You are always thinking of ways to improve lives

Daniel was fantastic! He helped me get my life back on track. I am doing well. I have the "letting Go" paper you gave me on the refrigeraton door and I read it each day (sometimes more than once)

I am trying to take each day one by one and not worry so much.

Daniel is very friendly and so nice.

 Daniel delivered a powerful message about Letting Go. His insight will definitely be something very useful to my   recovery. We need more classes dealing with addressing our important issues paramount to our future success.   Thank you for these classes Daniel.

 Thank you! Ya'll are a great positive influence & if I did not have a chance to talk to Daniel, I would not feel this good   & have the coping skills that I can really use. So Thank you & keep up the good work!

 Daniel is willing to the extra mile for you1

 You are such a blessing to so many people. Always remember that !

 Good person to talk to



We have so many people that have commented on our work and give gifts over the years. Thank you!  We just want to share some of them with you. Due to confidentiality we have removed their names/personal infomation. We have tried not to repeat the comments that someone else has already stated or to similar ones. THANK YOU FOR SHARING and our gifts! ! !

It has been a Horner that you have choosen us and let us be of server to you along your path!